Welcome to Black Raven Gaming

Why Choose Black Raven Gaming?

We are different from most gaming clans or communities, we do not operate solely on any single, individual gameBRG members enjoy a range of games and we actively encourage members to use our community Facilities such as our Facebook and Twitter pages to meet each other and arrange community gaming lobbies.

We add an extra dimension to the enjoyment of online gaming this is done with the implementation of our raven ranking structure. As members settle within BRG, Learn our rules and get to know each other they can rank up and take more responsibility with the Organisation and running of the Clan.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an online environment for gamers.  A place away from the issues found playing as a lone wolf in team playlists. We Aim to be open, Inclusive, welcoming and respectful towards all online gamers. 
We aim for the win, play fair and play as a TEAM while improving each others game play.

BRG Management

Clan Overlord: The 1 Man Army

Chief Administrator:  AoG Killer Catt

What games do we play?

 We mainly play First person shooters our current game roster consists of 

Halo, Destiny, Gears of war, Titanfall, Crysis

Would you like to join our gaming clan?

If you are interested in joining please submit your Xbox live gamer tag below.

 We will get in touch with you as soon as possible usually within 24 hours.

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