Welcome To Black Raven Gaming 

The home of the Black Raven Gaming. 

I am The 1 Man Armyx and I'm pretty sure you have alot of questions and very curious about our clan. So for our home page I put together a bunch of the most popular asked questions about BRG including how to officially being part of it.

What is BRG?

Black Raven Gaming (BRG) is an xbox live global clan.

Who is The 1 Man Army?

I am The 1 Man Army (XBL gamertag) and I am the Creator/Overlord of BRG. I am the most powerful man in this clan, i make the big decisions, promote/demote the people I think best and lead the way on the virtual battlefield no matter which game I am playing. I am also the former Overlord of the Halo 2 clan AoG: Army of Gamers (so this isn't my first rodeo guys)


joining our official facebook page is a really really great way to meet the clan and post up whenever you wanna play any sessions on any games. It's not a requirement but if you wanna speak to the dedicated Ravens at the same time then join us on Facebook. Also alot of links and strats will be posted on FB along with the clan forums we have on this site.

BRG The 1 Man Army's contact info:

The 1 Man Army (Main Account)


WHAT are the requirements to join BRG?

Everyone needs to pass a tryout by me or an Administrator once they sign up on the website or must be recommended by a current BRG clan member. We are here to create STRONG teams in the games we play, so only STRONG players will be accepted or start to train to become a reliable gamer.

HOW do i join BRG?


Message The 1 Man Army for a clan tryout.

WHY should I join?

No longer will you have to play alone in matchmaking games with a room of random gamers. Now you can play with guys/girls that play the style you do (achievements, competitive, casual) and not worry about some random gamer ruining your time on xboxlive. Get those achievements you just couldn't get on your own because you didn't have the right team or you keep failing to meet a certain requirement. Be part of a team in competitive gaming and help represent in clan matches. Maybe you just wanna improve on your hardcore gaming experience,whatever your reason is you are more then welcomed to join. As long as you are respectful to your fellow clan mates, you'll be fine.

WHAT makes BRG different from the common clans on xbox live?

I believe it is our clan structure that makes us unique and stand out from every other clan. Our Rank System is depended basically on the player's skill as you play with the clan. We have a rank system that tests the skills of gamers, "Raven Streaks" and we have an in-clan league to compete against each other, "Division Leagues".

How can I start playing with others ASAP?

The moment you join BRG you should send a friend request or at least a message to the Division Leaders or Ravens in the games you play. Hopefully develop a chemistry with the clan members you requested. You can view all of those clan members that play the games you play on the Division Pages

It's not up to me for you to be active, it's not up to my Administrators for you to be active, it's only up to YOU. ONLY YOU can make yourself team up with other gamers.

WHERE did you come up with the idea of creating a clan like BRG?

I've always had a bunch ideas in my head about creating a clan in this generation in xbox gaming ever since i shut down my original clan AoG: Army of Gamers. I love AoG back on Halo 2 for the original xbox and had such a good time with the crew members and clan matches but with the release of xbox 360 and the new achievement system for every 360 game, clan members and gamers just started playing games STRICTLY for achievements, losing members who played for skill and winning. AoG's clan structure was in the past, so i shut down about 3 months after the release of Halo 3. Sad, but it had to be done. I always knew I would make another clan like AoG, but more superior and something for everyone (casual gamers, hardcore gamers, competitive gamers, achievement gamers) and I have. BRG is the spiritual successor from AoG.

Can I be Kicked/Discharged out of the clan?

Yes you can, by doing the following:

-Disrespecting another clan member. (serious insults, teabagging, un-cooperation)

-Being simply be annoying. (I know it's harsh and some people can't help it BUT i want only mature players in BRG. sorry 12 year old kids)

-RAGE QUITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (No rage quitting allowed. You can be mad BUT you cannot quit on your clan mates. It won't be tolerated)

-In-Activity without a notice to me. (Only I make this decision. If for whatever reason you stop playing and I don't hear from you I'm gonna assumed you've quit playing xbox)

-Not playing with the clan. (very similar to in-activity but if you have joined the clan and you just don't play with us then does it really make a difference if you are not in the clan?)

Play fair, play hard, play for the win!